Transsylvanien i egen regi

Det var mycket nöjda deltagare som steg av bussen i Bålsta. Vi vill sända ett stort tack för en innehållsrik och mycket välplanerad resa till Gloria Vintila Andersson på Experience Transylvania. Gloria är i mitt tycke kanske den bästa reseledare jag träffat, med sitt enorma historiska kunnande och en berättarförmåga utöver det vanliga. Bra standard på hotell och ingående måltider. Tack även till Petru, en fantastiskt skicklig chaufför, som på ett mjukt och behagligt sätt rattade bussen genom städer och landsbygd. Läs hela reseberättelsen här.

(Lennart Olofsson, reste 2019) 


Gruppresa i Transsylvanien

Vi vill tacka för en lärorik och trevlig resa med DN-kortet i förra veckan. Vi är väldigt resvana och har gjort många gruppresor. Den här överglänser det mesta. Den gav oss spännande inblickar i det transsylvaniska samhället, både vad gäller nutid och historia samt stad och landsbygd..

 Vår grupp blev också fint sammansvetsad. Vi har aldrig tidigare upplevt att alla i gruppen omfamnade varandra på Arlanda, som ett uttryck för en lyckad resa och fina minnen. Stort tack!

(Gunilla och Åke Dahlberg, reste 2018)


En resa med vänner

Charmiga, vackra små städer/byar med både gammal och ny bebyggelse. Besökte en fårbondefamilj och en prästfamilj och blev mycket väl omhändertagna. Det blev intressanta möten! Överraskad över mycket fin natur. Skog , parker och odlingslandskap. Många vackra gamla kyrkor, kloster och slott/palatser. Fina restauranger med oftast mycket och god mat. En rolig och intressant resa med vår fina guide Gloria Andersson och hennes syster Nora. Rekommenderar verkligen denna resa.

(Ewa Malmlund, reste 2018)


Nature and taste experiences

Who would have thought that smoked or bark-preserved cheese could taste so lovely. After a little tour of the souvenir market at the foot of Dracula’s Castle to shop for cheese, of course, we went on a bear safari. In the neighbouring village we met our wilderness guide and some other tourists, all of them armed with binoculars and hanging on to the largest camera lenses I had ever seen. I was nervous but excited to go out in nature, where for sure there would be bears; at the same time I was trying to hold my hopes down. There was of course no guarantee that the bears would show up. But my worries turned out to be unfounded. A total of 9 different bears showed up at the feeding spot, 6 at the same time at some point, all this during the 2 hours we were there. A fascinating sight to sit safely in an observation hut and observe wild bears. an unforgettable weekend, filled with adventure and new experiences. So beautiful, so interesting, such good food and such lovely people. Already looking forward to my next visit.

(Caroline Beijersten, travelled 2017, photo: ©Caroline Beijersten)


Wedding at Dracula's Castle

The days in in Bran, and especially our wedding day, were perfect! Our guests and us were super satisfied with the whole arrangement. Many of our guests were so impressed by Nora’s very good and interesting guided tour of the castle. She was with us the whole day and night and took care of every single detail. Gloria also had permanent contact with us to see if everything was going according to plan. You can’t find anyone more involved than them! The Castle was uniquely beautiful. It was a really unforgettable day for both us and our guests.

(Nina Salonen, got married at Bran Castle in 2017))


Meeting the people

”With our wonderful hotel as our headquarters, we explored the best of Transylvania in our comfortable minibus. Our guide Nora was an important part of our positive experience! Through her friendliness and warmth we got an inside look of everyday life in Transylvania. One of the highlights was being invited for afternoon tea and cakes at Nora’s parents’ house. I warmly recommend Transylvania as a destination and Nora as a guide! rekommendera (Sharen Jarder, travelled with us 2016)

(Sharen Jarder, travelled 2016)


Exciting conference

One may wonder why we chose Transylvania as a conference destination. Us at Novare have always been trendsetters, not ounly in our branch, but also in ways of organising our conferences. We thought that Transylvania offered a different kind of environment for us to develop our company culture and strategy. Those who run Experience Transylvania are enthusiastic, dedicated people with a fine feeling for service. This was confirmed during the entire conference. Also, Transylvania is a beautiful part of Romania which offers many positive surprises.

(Fredrik Hillelson, travelled 2014)


Well organized roundtrip

After visiting more than 70 countries, out of which most on my own, I wanted to experience something new and different. I was lured by experiences in nature and being able to check out Dracula’s Castle. The journey to Transylvania was one of the best journeys I have ever done in my entire life. A very well organised tour, everything worked perfectly. Gloria brought fantastic energy and solid knowledge and was, with her wide smile, a wonderful guide.

(Auli Kuivalainen, travelled 2013)    


Tailored tour

Such a personal and generous treatment we received is unique. I highly recommend Experience Transylvania as a contact in Transylvania to my friends and acquaintances. The entire stay in Romania was very positive: it’s easy to travel through, it is beautiful, the people we met were wery pleasent and welcoming, especially in Sinaia and Sibiu. Thank you for being available for us to contact you every time we needed to! Great! And the picture of us at the beekeepers’ is so nice!”

((Annika och Anne-Marie Berglund, travelled with us 2013)


Father & son

We celebrated my dad’s birthday during our trip to Transylvania and Bucharest. We had a nice and relaxed trip: we ate good food, drank very good wine, especially in Brasov and had fun everywhere we went, from Sibiu to Bucharest. The trip was very well organised and yet flexible, we managed to see all objectives we were interested in without feeling the least bit stressed. Now we’re looking forward to a golfing trip in Transylvania.   

(Patrik Stoicescu, travelled 2012)